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Attending Drafting Joint Statement for G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

The Joint Statement (JS) Drafting Meeting was held virtually on 16-17 and 22-23 February 2023. These meetings had discussed the outcomes for Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM). Sous-Sherpa India acts as Chairman. Indonesian delegation was led by the Co-Sous Sherpa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tri Purnajaya, and was accompanied by representatives from the Directorate for Development, Economy and Environment and Assistant Deputy of Multilateral Economic Cooperation. FMM itself will be held in New Delhi on 1-3 March 2023.

The Indian Presidency has circulated the Zero Draft JS FMM with 6 priority issues, namely strengthening multilateralism, food and energy security, development cooperation, counter-terrorism, global skill mapping and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR).

The Indonesian Government made intervention on several points including (i) support for the Indian Presidency to produce concrete outcomes at the G20 Summit; (ii) FMM will set the tone for the working group and ministerial meetings as well as future summits. For this reason, FMM is expected to come with an agreement; (iii) support the implementation of political agendas such as global health security, including PPR for an equitable global recovery and implementation of Pandemic Funds, as well as follow-up of concrete deliverables ratified in Annex 2 of the Bali Declaration.

In general, the G7 countries strive to include discussions on the need for action to focus on climate change issues and tackling biodiversity loss. Saudi Arabia encourages energy issues to be discussed in a more balanced manner with climate change issues, and energy transition efforts are needed. Several countries such as Canada, the Netherlands and France raised the issue of gender equality and Russia conveyed that women-led development could be used as a core of recovery.

Geopolitical issues are still discussed in the JS Draft. However, no agreement was reached in these 2 drafting meetings. The discussion will be continued at the in-person drafting session which started the G20 FMM series in New Delhi.


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